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  Coming from an aircraft maintenance background and after years of working in the industry, Peter decided to take a leap and go into real estate working alongside his mom since 2003. Peter joined the Hanlon Team in the summer of 2018 after having gained an exceptional amount of experience over the years. Peter’s strong interpersonal skills, especially his ability to listen, motivate and lead others makes him not only a great realtor but a great asset to have on the team. His trusting and caring nature provides instant comfort to his clients. Peter pays extreme attention to detail always going above and beyond for his clients and his customer care skills never go unnoticed.

Work life balance is extremely important to Peter, as a husband and proud father of two kids. Peter has coached his sons hockey team and traveled throughout Canada and the US to support his daughter as she won championships as a competitive dancer (he can do a mean Ballet bun).

An avid sports fan, Peter is passionate about Hockey and Baseball. He enjoys barbecuing and gardening and grows everything from tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans...just call him “Farmer Pete”. Always the life of the party, Peter loves entertaining and planning dinner parties with his wife Paula!




Contact information:

Peter's Website: www.thehanlonteam.com
Cell 416-518-9613


Office information:

Keller Williams Real Estate As 
7145 west Credit Ave Bld 1 Suite 100 
Mississauga, ON, L5N-6J7